The Worst Side Effects For Over Use Of Steroids

5 Serious Side Effects Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are a class of substances whose structural composition is similar to human hormone testosterone, and which contain 4 carbon rings in their molecular composition. They are taken because they encourage the growth of lean muscle and improve strength and endurance of anyone who takes them. However, the side effects of anabolics can be deadly!

That is why their use is very popular among athletes and body builders, especially the ones who want quick gains and unfair advantage over their competitors. However, since their chemical composition is quite similar to natural human hormones, that you get from prohormones. We will now discuss five major side effects of anabolics.

1. Disturbing the Human Hormonal System

Now hormones from steroids online are very important chemicals that are released in the human body to control growth and production of diverse organs. Testosterone, for example, is important for the normal growth and functioning of the sexual organs. Since steroids are similar to hormones, they often disrupt the release and production of natural human hormones. This results in skewed growth. As adverse side effect, men may grow mammary glands, and women may start to grow a beard.

2. Possible Damage to the Cardiovascular System

Research has shown that taking excessive androgenic steroids puts undue pressure on the heart, and damages the heart muscles. It does so by increasing the total count of red blood cells in human body, which puts pressure on the heart.

3. Liver Damage

Excessive use of anabolics can cause tumors in liver, and thereby infliciting damage on the liver. Another condition called peliosis hepatis is also called by excessive use of male hormones.

4. Harming Young Adults and Children

The timely release of hormones are very important for normal growth in children and young adults. They act as triggers which control the start and stop of growth phase of young adults. If a young adult or child takes an anabolic steroid, they are at risk of growing less than they should.

5. Infection

Another popular side effects of anabolics? Making one susceptible to increased infection. Possibly Hepatitis due to use of non-sterile injections. Users often inject anabolic steroids into their body using injections that are not sterile, which leads to infections.