A Practical Approach To Tracking Your Weight Loss Progress

A Practical Approach To Tracking Your Weight Loss Progress

Losing weight is a slow progress that you should always track, as it is encouraging to know if your efforts are successful or not. It is important to be able to see and feel the changes in your appearance to motivate you to continue. Here are some options combined with best prohormone stacks, for tracking your weight loss. By using all of these methods together, you’ll be able to ascertain if you are actually losing weight.

Weigh Yourself on a Scale

Most people trying to lose weight think that the only way to track weight loss is by using a scale. The trouble with this method is it only measures your overall weight loss. If you are exercising as well as dieting, you might have lost some fat and also gained muscle. As muscle weighs more than fat, the scales will that you have gained weight. By only using scales, you Will most likely get discouraged and give up altogether. If you are not exercising, scales are a suitable way to see if you are losing weight. Weigh yourself at the same time each day and wear similar clothing.

Measure yourself with a measuring tape

As mentioned in the last paragraph, scales won’t tell you the whole story about your weight loss progress, or lack of progress. A better way to discover your weight loss is to measure yourself with a tape measure. This way you will find out where you are losing the weight. Measure around your chest, waist, hips, and around your thighs, calves and each arm above and below the elbows. Record these results and repeat weekly.

Check how your clothing fits

When you notice that your clothing is hanging loosely on your body, you will know for sure that your weight is decreasing. If you have a collection of clothes you wear-when you are slimmer, try these on every now and then to see if they are becoming easier to put on.

See your weight loss with regular photos

A visual record of your weight loss will give you the motivation to continue. Take a photo of yourself at least once a month. Wear the same clothes in each photo. Underwear, a bathing suit or any tight-fitting clothes are all suitable. Don’t forget to take photos of your face also. Check if you are losing weight around your cheeks, jawline and under your chin where fat tends to collect when overweight. Each month take a new photo and you’ll be surprised at the difference in your appearance. This will show you how far you have progressed and is a great motivation to continue. Don’t forget to take a before picture before you begin your weight loss project.

A Dem Body Scan

If you want to get serious about discovering your total body fat mass, get a dual x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) test done. This scan is the most accurate way to find out this information. It is a quick scan taking only around 10 minutes, and you will be provided with the results soon after your scan. If you are pregnant, at having a Dexa scan, as low-level radiation is involved.

Using these methods and best prohormone stack together will give a good indication of your weight loss success, and you will be motivated to soldier on in your endeavor.