Read This Before Injecting Another Androgen!

How To Inject Testosterone Products Like Sustanon 250

Injectable testosterone steroids are very popular with athletes. Injecting Sustanon 250 steroid bypasses the liver completely and acts directly on muscle cells to create a substantial increase in muscle mass. Veterans already know how to use the steroid carefully. However, if you are new to inject SUST use, here are a few do’s and don’ts we want to share with you.

What You Must Do Before Taking Your Sustanon Dose

  • Wash your hands and the application site
  • Use a fresh needle for the ampule and for your body.
  • Remember to clear the needle and syringe of air bubbles. You can do this by tapping the syringe. Bubbles will rise to the top and you can gently press the plunger to remove them.
  • Choose a site, wipe down with alcohol swabs and stretch the skin.
  • Hold the needle like a dart and gently insert into skin and muscle
  • Remember to aspirate or draw back the plunger of the application . Do not inject if you have blood in the syringe. This means you have reached a blood vessel. Withdraw and try another site.
  • After application , remove the needle and dispose off in a sharps container.
  • Apply pressure on the application site. Massage the area gently to prevent the liquid from seeping out from the application track.
  • Use 22, 23 or 25 gauge needles for injecting as they are very fine. The finer the needle, the lesser the pain while injecting. Use 22, 23 or 25 gauge for oil-based solutions and 27 or 29 gauge for water-based steroids. One inch needle lengths are fine for buttock, arm and thigh muscle application s.
  • You can mix two different steroids like Deca and Test in one syringe.
  • You can think about icing the area to reduce pain and increase blood supply to the area. This can be alternated with a hot pack. The alternate hot/cold application to the area increases blood supply, reduces inflammation, and ensures a better distribution of the injected steroid.

What You Should NOT Do

  • You will find Sustanon 250 Supplements, Sustanon 250 pills and chewable Sust 250 pills online. These are cheaper then the injectable SUST. There are articles online that will teach you how to powder these pills and Supplements and purify the compound for injectable use. We urge you not to do this as it is not safe or medically-recommended. Buy only injectable SUST for applications; do not cross-use.
  • DO NOT reuse needles as they tend to get blunt even after a single use. Moreover, it increases the chances of an infection and extra bleeding.
  • DO NOT inject more than 2cc at a single application site. It will be painful and sore for several days.
  • Do not repeat inject in the same area for more than two weeks.
  • Twitching in your muscles or limbs after an application could mean you have hit a nerve. Mark the area and choose another site for injecting.

Please note; injecting an anabolic steroid means that you have to find a pure source of Sust 250. There have been reports of websites offering contaminated Sustanon 250 for sale. It is difficult to detect fake or contaminated Sustanon for sale but to prevent health problems, we recommend that you buy Sustanon 250 from a trusted offline retailer or buy Sustanon 250 online from a known pharmacy. Remember, local online pharmacies will require a prescription. Search and use European or Asian websites to buy Sustanon for injectable use and remember to test the product before use.