Legal Steroids

What Are The Legal Steroids Available Online?

Legal steroids are the most powerful muscle building supplements available. These products contain ingredients that will synergictically provide the user with real anabolic results. These supplements are the very same products that professional bodybuilders and athletes use. These designer steroids might be banned in sports, but the are completely legal. They are undetected during the routine anabolic steroid testing.

Legit or a Scam?

The questions everyone asks is “Are there really legal steroids?“. The answer is a simple YES, they exist.  Anyone who says “legal steroids are fake” is not educated enough on the subject, and their input  should be completely disregarded immediately. Yes, even if you seen it on reddit or a youtube video. They post these things for views and clicks. Trolling at it’s finest 🙂

Proof Legal Steroids Exist

Have you ever heard of “Dehydroepiandrosterone”? No?

What if I told you that it is the full chemical name of the product you probably know as “DHEA”?

So before go much further, let me start by pointing out  2 very notable facts.

  1. DHEA IS A STEROID (see references below)

No need to take my word for it, here are 2 quality references;


Before we go on any further, it is safe we have concluded that at least 1 “legal steroid” exists, correct?  But wait . . . . there is more ! 

Here is The Truth on Steroid Alternatives

Now that we have concluded at least 1 “legit legal steroid” exists, what if I told you there were many more you have never even heard of either ? You have likely never heard of prasterone, 1-DHEA, 1 andro,  steroidal saponins, ostarine, andarine or the countless others.

Can You Buy Legal Steroids At GNC or Vitamin Shoppe?

No. They prefer to sell cheap products that earn them the most profit. Now , I bet you can find DHEA in most vitamin stores, HOWEVER look at the dosage, and form they offer. A dhea tablet containing 10 mg. is not going to do anything ! – and that is all you will find at your local gnc.

What About The Legal Steroids Online?

The products online are going to be much stronger than anything you will find in a store. They are offered in complex blends designed to safely produce maximum muscle building and fat loss benefits.

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